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Complete Thermal Insulation

IsoBoard long term thermal conductivity is

< 0.03 W/m°C


New Building Regulations

SANS 10 400 xa.

The most versatile Thermal Insulation Available

IsoBoard‘s highly effective thermal insulation qualities are equalled only by our versatility in new construction and renovations to the building envelope. The inclusion of IsoBoard thermal insulation contributes significantly to predictable temperatures and human comfort, reducing the need for artificial temperature control. This means cost savings from reduced energy consumption and by implication lower carbon emissions.

IsoBoard has an almost indefinite life-span if installed correctly. It can be used as a ceiling, to insulate older buildings at foundation level, retrofit to flat roofs, applied between or over rafters, trusses and over-purlin and installed in wall cavities. In fact, it can be used wherever aesthetically pleasing, efficient, water resistant, and cost-effective insulation material is required. IsoBoard applications are as wide as your imagination!

IsoBoard Contribution to Sustainability

Why IsoBoard Works!

Thermal Insulation that is
clearly different.

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