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The most versatile thermal insulation



Heat gain in residential homes is largely through the roof structure. Insulated ceilings retard heat flow into the living areas in summer, and contain generated heat in winter, providing a comfortable living environment.


Cavity wall insulation will prevent heat transfer and build-up to the inner leaf of sun exposed walls. Moisture within the cavity is prevented from condensing onto and penetrating through the inner leaf when IsoBoard is installed.


Loss of heat through floors on concrete surface beds is experienced as a cold underfoot condition, particularly during winter when the supporting soils cool down due to hygroscopic action of water.


IsoBoard can be used to thermally insulate many existing buildings which require upgrading with respect to comfort levels or energy efficiency. IsoBoard is suitable to be installed as a ceiling, either beneath an existing ceiling, or between trusses or rafters.


About IsoBoard





New Building Regulations

As of the 10th November 2011, the National Building Regulations require mandatory interventions to reduce energy

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IsoBoard Contribution to Sustainability

IsoBoard has performed extensive modeling of various buildings to assess the level of thermal

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Why IsoBoard Works!

IsoBoard is one of the very few manufacturers to present AGED performance values for our products.

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If you want comfort for today, it doesn’t matter which thermal insulation you install.

If you want comfort for the life of your building, your only choice is IsoBoard.