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IsoBoard SA is proud to be associated with EcoStandard South Africa. An organization whose visionĀ is to be the trusted certification body to set environmental standards of excellence to measure and rate a product, manufacturer and or service provider within the building sector in South Africa. They intend to generate the demand and use of environmentally responsible organisations by participating in the global initiative to create the awareness of environmental consideration of our planet. Their vision is to create a practicing culture of environmental excellence.

IsoBoard is a part of EcoStandardā€™s valuable portfolio of certified and rated products which have been awarded with an EcoProduct label for their transparency and outstanding environmental practice.Ā This all comes together and shows how focused IsoBoard is in providing our clients with a product that is eco friendly and environmentally friendly.

When looking for a product that willĀ regulate the temperatureĀ for your building, be it an:

  • Office
  • Business
  • Home

Look no further than South Africa’s premier thermal insulation provider.


For more info on EcoStandard South Africa, you can view their website:Ā http://www.ecostandard.co.za/