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22 and countingā€¦

Twenty two years ago, IsoBoard started manufacturing our thermal insulation boards in South Africa. Within a couple of years, we provided our first boards to insulate a wine cellar, and from there, the word about the efficacy of IsoBoard in controlling temperature and protecting stored wines has spread.

To date, more than 200 processing plants and cellars are thermally insulated with Isoboard, not to mention many other buildings on wine estates, from homes, restaurants and retail outlets, to staff and guest accommodation. IsoBoard thermal insulation can be used extensively to insulate roofs and ceilings, as well as walls and floors. This versatility extends to the insulation of new buildings, as well as the retro-fit of existing ones.

As the need for energy efficient and sustainable viticulture has grown, so has the use of IsoBoard to provide a dependable internal temperature, requiring minimal heating or cooling intervention.

Of course, given the vagaries of our power supply, and our changing climate, it really pays to protect your cellars with good thermal insulation, to limit potential temperature extremes affecting your product.

The good news about IsoBoard for those who have it already installed: IsoBoard Thermal Insulation will be there at the end of any buildingā€™s useful life, still acting as an effective heat barrier to heat transfer, to the same design performance promise, as when it was originally installed.

In an industry which consciously and continuously develops brands, investing for the long term in every aspect of your product offering is a principle key to your success.Ā  A winemaker is part of past and future history, adding to the accumulated knowledge and terroir to produce a product worthy of aspiration, and worthy of remembering.

Installing IsoBoard means there are many fewer things to worry about: the temperature in which wine is processed and stored, the cost of temperature management, the comfort of staff and guests, as well as risks such as fire and contamination from mould growth.

The industry of today strives for returns from the total experience related to wine, from the wine itself to many Ā facets of tourism. IsoBoard thermal insulation has a proven place in many aspects of this industry, providing thermal protection, energy efficiency and comfort!

IsoBoard would like the thank the wine industry for all your extensive support over our development in South Africa, and toast to our mutual success for the future. Cheers!