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IsoBoard is a rigid board bulk thermal insulator, available in various thicknesses and lengths to meet most requirements. IsoBoard believe in being conservative when making claims as to the performance of our products, and testing these claims regularly through reputable agencies, such as the Board of Agre’ment.


IsoBoard is one of the very few manufacturers to present AGED performance values for our products. All insulation materials deteriorate over time, due principally to the effects of weathering and moisture, although these have minimal effect on IsoBoard’s thermal performance. 

IsoBoard recommend using an aged thermal conductance value of 0.03 Wm/degree C (k = W/m°C = W/mK) when designing a thermal insulation solution using IsoBoard, which is fully 25% more than that of new board, and unlikely ever to be experienced in practice. Because IsoBoard can be expected to last for the life of most buildings, using the aged value allows a confident prediction that required thermal performance standards will continue to be met over the life of the building.


The tongue and groove edge profiles allow adjacent boards to interlock, creating a continuous insulated surface. Boards are available in standard lengths and thicknesses to fit most applications. Installation is easily accomplished by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The lightweight nature of IsoBoard means installation proceeds quickly.


IsoBoard is proven in fire situations, both through laboratory testing as well as actual fire events. IsoBoard shrinks away from flame sources, with no flaming droplets or flame spread characteristics.


IsoBoard can be employed to meet almost every building envelope thermal insulation requirement.


IsoBoard has a bright white surface, which can be easily painted and stained with water based products. The “Isopine” option has 100mm centre grooves routed down the length of each board to imitate a T&G wood panel effect. Unpainted board can be wiped clean as necessary. Boards damaged during installation can be repaired with adhesive or filler products prior to painting


IsoBoard is not materially affected by water vapour or water, and can be successfully used in bathrooms, kitchens and indoor swimming pools

IsoBoard has performed extensive modeling of various buildings to assess the level of thermal resistance (and equivalent thickness of IsoBoard) necessary to achieve comfort with the minimum of energy usage and at an affordable cost.